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NFL Rumors: Patriots Looking for Extra Wide Receivers

The New England Patriots could possibly bring in a late-week addition to the roster, according to Yahoo! Sports' Eric Edholm.

Per Edholm's sources, the Patriots could try to add a wide receiver before Saturday's playoff game.

The addition would likely just be a depth move, and it would make some sense. Receivers Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Brandon LaFell are battling foot injuries, while Keshawn Martin and Chris Harper are extremely inexperienced. Additionally, the Patriots don't have a back-up if LaFell ever goes down with an injury.

Edholm clarifies by stating the additions would be intended to serve as depth, and not act as starters, and the ultimate hope is that no new players would be necessary. Hopefully Edelman, Amendola, and LaFell are at 100% and remain that way for the entirety of the playoffs.

But just an interesting rumor to pass along.