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That Time Andy Reid and Bill Belichick Traded One Spot in the Draft For No Reason

The world is full of misinformation and no story was more fake than the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick trades with then-Eagles head coach Andy Reid every single draft.

It takes two seconds to look through the past drafts to see that, wait, no, that's not true at all. The Patriots held a 7th round pick from the Eagles in 2000 because the Patriots traded wide receiver Dietrich Jells to the Eagles prior to the 1998 season.

The first draft day transaction between the two teams was in 2009, when the Patriots shipped cornerback Ellis Hobbs to in exchange for two 5th round picks (they had sent a 5th to the Eagles for wide receiver Greg Lewis in March of 2009 as well). The prior closest the Patriots and Eagles came to a draft transaction was in 2005, when the Packers acquired pick 175 from the Eagles, and subsequently shipped it to the Patriots.

But Belichick heard the noise and thought it was hilarious. He likes jokes after all.

So when the 2011 draft came around, the Patriots held the 193rd overall draft pick and the Eagles were sitting at 194th. The two teams decided to swap picks just for the heck of it, with Belichick laughing after the fact (at 10:07 in the video), "We talked to the Eagles, and we wanted to make the trade, they wanted to make it, we wanted to make it, so we made it. You good on that?"

Belichick got the guy he wanted (defensive end Markell Carter), for a slightly lower price, and got to make a joke of the whole process. That's a win for Bill.