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Patriots DE Chandler Jones Hospitalized for Bad Reaction to Synthetic Marijuana

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

So there's the story.

The New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was hospitalized due to a bad reaction from synthetic marijuana, per the Boston Globe's Chris Gasper.

Marijuana is classified in Massachusetts as a Class D substance, which is what was initially reported over the Police Dispatch. Synthetic marijuana is generated by adding the chemicals typically found in marijuana to a different shredded plant, to provide a similar effect, but they don't show up in drug tests.

A top prospect in the 2016 draft recently fell from a hotel window due to a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana, so Jones' decision to go to the hospital is a better alternative. Paranoia and anxiety are two side effects of bad responses.

It's extremely disappointing to see that Jones was jeopardizing his availability over the bye week, and you can be certain head coach Bill Belichick won't be happy either.

The NFL's Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse limits the substances that are allowed to be tested, which is how synthetic marijuana is able to fly under the radar. The NFL could subject Jones to the Intervention Program due to his hospitalization, but Jones would only miss time if he were already within the Second Stage of the Drug Policy (ie: repeat offender).

Jones' brother and famed UFC fighter Jon Jones admit he was addicted to marijuana, so Chandler shouldn't take this event lightly. It could ruin his career.

The Patriots are expected to pick up the 5th season in Chandler Jones' contract, but this incident should impact the value of any long term extension.