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Patriots WR Julian Edelman's Video Will Make You Run Through a Brick Wall

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has had some time on his hands during his foot injury, but he's ready to return in a major way. He's the Patriots top receiver and his presence alone will make the offense better.

Edelman's been aching to return- and could have returned as early as week 17- but the Patriots wanted to rest him for as long as possible to ensure he'd be available for the post-season.

He's ready.

The Patriots receiver posted the below video as a hype video, and it's certainly worked. It runs through the list of every single injured player and then shows the injury. Like, he shows the exact time each player was injured. It's savage.

But to be honest, it works. It's a pretty great hype video to signal the return of Edelman to the field, as well as summarize all of the adversity the team has had to overcome this season.

Watch it below.