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Former Patriots DT Kyle Love Wants to Face his Old Team in the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots cut defensive tackle Kyle Love after the 2012 season because he was diagnosed as diabetic. Love struggled to keep on weight, which is a difficult position for a beefy defensive tackle, and the Patriots couldn't afford to see if Love could return to his old form.

Love bounced around the league in 2013 and 2014, before ultimately signing on with the Carolina Panthers and playing the entire 2015 season for the team with the best record in the league.

The defensive tackle wrote about his journey for The Players Tribune, and said that he wanted to see his old team in the Super Bowl.

Honestly, I'm not mad at the Patriots anymore.

But I would love to play them in the Super Bowl.

Not out of any kind of bitterness, but just to show that I'm not a liability. In fact, I'm better than ever.

Whatever the future holds, at least I can say this to the Patriots: Thank you for the opportunity. But I told y'all I was gonna play. I told y'all I wasn't going to let this keep me down.

I told y'all.

It's certainly an interesting article, but the opening about Randy Moss in the sauna is one of the Mossiest things I've ever read. I love you, Randy.

We go into this big wooden sauna, and Randy cranks the heat all the way up, and he starts dropping some wisdom on me.

(Randy voice)

"Listen rook, lemme tell you something, man."...

Then Randy gets up and grabs a bucket of cold water and starts splashing the walls of the sauna. If you've never been in a wet sauna before, this is like putting more wood on a fire. Now we're up over 180 degrees. Steam is flying around everywhere. I can't even see Randy's face.

It's a full length story that's worth a read. Check it out.