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GNOTD: TE Rob Gronkowski Will Play Against the Kansas City Chiefs

Although this news doesn't really come as a surprise, I felt that having a GNOTD post would make everyone feel better preparing for the game.

Rob Gronkowski will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
Rob Gronkowski will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Good news Patriots fans. Even though for most of us this doesn't come as a surprise, TE Rob Gronkowski will play through whatever pain is bothering him in his back and knee. Ian Rapoport and Kimberly Jones, whose Twitter profile picture resembles a Gronk spike, are reporting that Gronk will indeed suit up against the Chiefs and the only question is how effective will he be in the game.

In order for the Patriots to advance to the AFCCG, they need Gronk to contribute big in some way. Hopefully this news pumps you up to the point of dashing to the closet and donning your favorite #87 jersey for the game. For more pre-game coverage, the Pulpit has plenty of articles for you to read and discuss through the morning and early afternoon hours.