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Patriots DE Chandler Jones Had a Great Week of Practice and is Expected to Start

After a week that started with a potentially horrific mistake in judgement, Chandler Jones has regained the trust of the coaching staff and will start at his usual right defensive end spot.

Chandler Jones will start against the Chiefs
Chandler Jones will start against the Chiefs
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This couldn't have been a more adventurous week for the Patriots defensive end. On Sunday morning after smoking synthetic marijuana, aka spice, he turned up at the Foxboro Police Department after suffering the effects. While this drug is not illegal for the NFL, it exhibits a poor sense of judgement on Chandler Jones' part during the Patriots bye week. As we all know, this story went viral and half-truths and lies were sprinkled in there as people started speculating before all the facts came in. One thing we do know is that it was something that had the potential to embarrass the Patriots organization as Tedy Bruschi put it, and Chandler Jones could have been disciplined by the team if Bill Belichick wanted to do so.

After that immature mistake, Chandler Jones made amends with the situation in the best way possible. Jones didn't try to run from the issue, he quickly owned up to it and apologized for the embarrassment he was for the team in making that bad decision. The good news is when Jones got high on the stuff, he didn't compound the mistake by doing anything stupid like Robert Nkemdiche did by running through a window and falling 15 feet to the ground. Instead Jones went to police immediately where they worked quickly to send him to the hospital treat him.

Chandler Jones had to get back into the good graces of Bill Belichick and the coaching staff and the best way to do is to practice hard. Jones wound up doing so, putting the issue in the rear view mirror as quick as possible. Obviously BB must have been impressed with the level of maturity Jones showed through the whole situation after the report came out and has not disciplined him. Hopefully for Chandler Jones, this is a lesson of how a dumb decision can ruin everything good in his life along with honesty and asking for help and forgiveness when needed can go a long way. Hopefully he gets 2 sacks of Alex Smith tonight.