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Patriots QB Tom Brady believes the team can do better. NFL on notice.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I'm leaving the header image because I want you to go look at it. Look at it closely. Look at it and realize that the New England Patriots just defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the playoffs to earn a trip to the AFC Championship Game.

And now look and see the face of determination. Brady's already on to the next game, calculating how he can be better with his short passes and how he can take advantage of whichever defense comes his way.

He's focused. He's ready. He's going to be better.

"I thought we did a better job today than what we've been doing," Brady said after the game. "But I think we can still do a lot better."

"I thought we had a good plan," he continued. "I thought we worked hard, studied this team, watched a lot of film, so I think the preparation was good. We had a good week of practice. I think we had plenty of plays out there that we left on the field, things that we can definitely do better, and I think we can be sharper next week. So that's what we're going to try to be. We're going to need it. Whoever we play, they're going to be a great team."

Edelman suffered from a few drops as he worked his way back into the offense, and Brady missed a few pretty simple smash routes to Edelman and Danny Amendola. These are simple fixes that are rooted in timing- something the Patriots have been missing for the better part of two months.

Once Brady is on the same page as his newly returned receivers, this offense could kick up to another notch.

"We played well," Amendola said. "Well enough to win, but there's still definitely room for improvement, too. We'll just go back to work this week and try to get better for next week."

"I dropped some balls that I shouldn't have," Edelman said. "Trying to do stuff, trying to make a move before I caught it, but I just had to slow down and get back to the fundamentals and I'll be working those out this week.

"That was just me trying to be too fast."

The Patriots faced a truly talented defense, with Pro Bowlers at nearly every position. The Chiefs defense ranked behind only the Broncos in weighted DVOA by Football Outsiders, so the Patriots offense have already played the best teams they'll see all year. Any improvement by the Patriots will serve as gravy.

"You can always play better and to go out and play good in the next game," Edelman said. "You can't win ball games doing [dropping catchable passes], so, I'm personally going to have to get back and do a lot more."

The entire Patriots team is focused on making the marginal improvements because that is what will pay off when the Broncos or the Steelers are on the other sideline. This offense is ready to go back to its early-season level of performance- and maybe even surpass it.