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DeflateGate: ProFootballTalk Says NFL Could Maybe Release PSI Summary Before Super Bowl

File this under the Yeah, I still won't trust it when I see it folder. The NFL has been randomly recording the PSI of footballs over the course of the 2015 season because they want to appear like football pressure is an actual important thing. While a deliberate plan to record ball pressure at various temperatures and altitudes would make far more sense for the appearance of a legitimate study, we are forced to take whatever the NFL produces.

You can be certain that the NFL would have released the data if it showed the Patriots were definitely in violation of the pressure standards over the regular season. The only reason for the NFL to sit on the information would be to drop a bombshell at the most inopportune time- or because they're in the wrong and they can't announce it without looking more ridiculous than they already have over the past year.

Well, Pro Football Talk says that the NFL could release "a summary of the [PSI] data between the conference title games and the Super Bowl." Can you imagine what will happen if the Patriots are competing for the Super Bowl and the NFL stirs up a non-story for the second straight season?!

It will be impossible to trust a summary from the NFL; they've shown time and time again that they'll lie and bury the truth in order to control the national perception. New England could be in for a bumpy ride.