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Oddsmakers: Patriots the Favorite to win the Super Bowl

Check out the opening lines and prop bets for the NFL Playoffs.

Our friends at Bovada have provided the following odds for the New England Patriots in the playoffs.

Odds to win the AFC

New England Patriots -3½

Denver Broncos +3½

The Patriots are favored. Pers Oddshark, 67% of the money has been placed on the Patriots, so the line now suggests an initial hope that the Patriots will win by three points.

Odds to win the 2016 Super Bowl

Carolina Panthers 2/1

New England Patriots 2/1

Arizona Cardinals 4/1

Denver Broncos 4/1

The Patriots and the Panthers share the best odds to win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Line

AFC Pick'em

NFC Pick'em

Neither conference is viewed as head and shoulders ahead of the other, which is a clear shift from weeks past where the NFC was the heavy favorites. The Patriots offensive showing against the Chiefs, along with the struggles of the Panthers and Cardinals, have evened the odds.

Super Bowl Exact Matchup

Carolina Panthers vs New England Patriots 3/2

Arizona Cardinals vs New England Patriots 11/4

A Super Bowl rematch is at the top of the list!

Super Bowl Exact Result

Carolina beats New England 15/4

New England beats Carolina 15/4

New England beats Arizona 11/2

Arizona beats New England 10/1

The Patriots are favored over the Cardinals, but are a push with the Panthers.

Super Bowl 50 Spreads

Arizona Cardinals +3.5

New England Patriots -3.5

Carolina Panthers Pick'em

New England Patriots Pick'em

What do you think of these odds?