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Patriots Play Shaq Mason at Right Guard to Protect QB Tom Brady

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The New England Patriots offensive line struggled to keep quarterback Tom Brady upright for the second half of the season and the team needed one of two things.

They needed consistency with the line, or they needed to shake it all up.

Offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer returned from an ankle injury, while guard Josh Kline continued to heal from his shoulder issue. When right guard Tre Jackson was declared out against the Chiefs, it seemed like the Patriots offensive line was going to be set.

Rookie Shaq Mason would play left guard and Kline would step in on the right side, as Patriots fans have seen time and time again this season. That's been the line whenever Jackson hasn't been available.

But when the Patriots took the field against the Chiefs, Kline played on the left side and Mason stood in on the right side for one of the first times all season. This was the shake-up that the Patriots needed and it seemed to work. Mason was a right guard in college and seemed to be more comfortable across from Kline.

Will we see Mason on the right side against the Broncos? Denver's defensive line is healthier and superior to the Chiefs, but the Patriots managed to keep Brady clean the entire divisional game. If Mason and the offensive line are able to protect Brady for yet another week, the Patriots will be well on their way to another Super Bowl.

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