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NFL Playoffs Patriots vs Broncos: New England Travels to Denver on Friday

The reigning AFC champion will fly to Denver in two days.

"To be or not to be."
"To be or not to be."
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

On Sunday, the New England Patriots will play the Denver Broncos for the AFC title and the right to represent the conference in the Super Bowl. While both teams finished the regular season with identical 12-4 records, the Broncos have homefield advantage due to their 30-24 victory over the Patriots in week 12.

Therefore, New England has to travel to Colorado for the game. Via Jeff Howe, the team will do so on Friday:

The Patriots fly to Denver on Friday. Helps them get used to the time difference and altitude while avoiding the Saturday storm.

Given the challenge the altitude in Denver presents – there's a reason it's called the "Mile High City" – the Patriots' decision to travel as early as possible does not come as a surprise. With the two teams being the best in the conference, the match-up projects to be a close one and the team has to be as physically ready as possible to go full speed until the final whistle.

Before the flight to Colorado, the Patriots will hold their third and final practice session of the week, according to Howe:

The Patriots will practice Friday at 11 a.m. before their flight to Denver.