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Former Ravens S Ed Reed Explains How to Defeat Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots

Teams are expected to turn over every stone in order to find an edge on their opponent. Rex Ryan calls Rob Ryan all the time. Every team in the league, including the Patriots, has been known to sign former players of their opponent to the practice squad. It's all for the sake of a competitive advantage.

So when the player that head coach Bill Belichick considers "the best free safety that's ever played the game" is giving free advice on how to beat the New England Patriots, every single team in the league should have their ears perk up to listen.

Reed recently signed on with Rex Ryan to be the Buffalo Bills newest assistant defensive backs coach, so the Patriots should also be interested on his insight since they'll be facing Reed and his team twice per season.


That's all Ed Reed has. Sorry. That's it. That's the only answer. Pray.

Pray that Tom Brady has a pass bounce for an interception. Pray that the Patriots are wracked with so many injuries that an undrafted rookie muffs a punt. Pray that you can score three return touchdowns in a single game. Pray, pray, pray.

And actually, it all makes sense, too, with all of the Hail Marys for defensive pass interference that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has thrown against the Patriots over the years. Throwing up a prayer might actually work.