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New Patriots T-Shirt: In Belichick We Trust

The best Patriots t-shirt to show off your fandom!

The New England Patriots are in the midst of the greatest streak of success in NFL history and plenty of the credit should go to head coach and general manager and overlord Bill Belichick.

For years, some bickered about whether or not Belichick the Coach and Belichick the GM could ever coexist as the Patriots roster seemed to lack much star power outside of quarterback Tom Brady, and maybe a walkthrough by a Randy Moss or Asante Samuel. Belichick would never overpay for a star, and that led some to think that the GM was hampering the coach.

Last season, Belichick the GM went out and signed the most expensive cornerback in the league, Darrelle Revis. Belichick also shipped away stalwart offensive lineman Logan Mankins. Revis didn't play well over the first quarter of the season, and the offensive line was garbage. There were more calls for Belichick to give up roster control.

And then the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

This past year, New England decided to reboot the entire cornerback position and to instead invest heavily in the defensive front seven. No team has suffered greater injuries than the Patriots, and no team has the right to compete when their center is playing right freaking tackle.

The Patriots are back on the brink of another Super Bowl appearance.

In Belichick We Trust.

Belichick Trust

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