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Bill Polian Says Peyton Manning Playing As Well as Tom Brady; Admits Brady is Better All Time

Former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian has lost his fastball. In an interview via ESPN, Polian states that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is "not playing better" than Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

"I don't accept the fact that Peyton's not playing at a high level," Polian said. "All you had to do is see that game last week. He had six drops. He's playing at a high level still. ... Brady is not playing better than him. When Peyton is healthy, he's played exceptionally well."

That's laughable. Even Peyton knows that's a lie. It also shows Polian's ability to evaluate talent, and partially explains why he struggled to piece together a successful draft for the Colts after 2003.

There isn't a planet or solar system where Peyton is in the same category as Brady at this point in their career. Manning almost led the league in interceptions while missing half of the season. Brady has more touchdown passes in Denver than Manning does this year. Manning rated 36th out of 37 quarterbacks by Football Outsiders; Brady ranked 2nd.

Polian's spouting sheer insanity that will go pretty much unchecked because it's that crazy.

Of course, even through the crazy, Polian can admit that Brady has had a better career than Manning.

"They're two great quarterbacks and as far as I'm concerned you can leave it at that," Polian said. "Brady has more Super Bowls, so that puts him on top. I can accept that. But they're the two best of their generation. Period. End of story."

When the biggest Peyton homer on the planet says that Brady is "on top" in the debate, it no longer counts as a debate. It's been decided.