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NFL Playoffs Patriots vs Broncos: CB Chris Harris Has Bruised Shoulder, Will Play

The Denver Broncos are dealing with a serious injury as cornerback Chris Harris Jr. is dealing with a serious shoulder problem. Harris is the team's top, and only starting-caliber slot corner, so his availability would be crucial against the New England Patriots and their usage of interior receivers.

While Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman spends half of his time outside of the slot, fellow receiver Danny Amendola spends the majority of his time inside. Regardless, the Patriots will have a starting caliber receiver on the inside that would take advantage of any injury to Harris.

The Broncos have decided to not shadow receivers, which is only notable because Julian Edelman is a match-up nightmare for Denver's other two cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby. If the Broncos don't feel comfortable putting Harris on Edelman all game, then either Harris' injury is extremely serious and the Broncos don't think Harris can last the entire game, or they're willing to risk Edelman dominating the Broncos for yet another game.