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Reggie Wayne Spills the Beans on Peyton Manning, Meaning of Omaha, Family Dinners

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who spent some time with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, appeared on the NFL Network to dish his thoughts on the AFC Conference Championship game. He shared his thoughts on Peyton Manning's legacy, his time in the playoffs, and and what the heck Omaha means.

Peyton and Wayne reached the 2009 Super Bowl against the Saints, but the game blew up when Manning threw an interception on a pass to Wayne.

"Alright man, let me tell you something about that," Wayne opened up. "We ran that play four times that day. He [the Saints defensive back] was waiting on that. He sat on it. He broke before I did. I didn't help, I slipped a little bit, but if I ran a perfect route he still would have gotten there before me."

And then host Deion Sanders (who does a fantastic job by the way) then posed the legacy question. Which quarterback needs this AFC Conference Championship game more?

"I got to go with Peyton Manning," Wayne said. "If you look at all the noise that's behind Peyton, he's a great regular season quarterback and I'm a part of that also, and when it comes to the postseason he struggles. There's a lot of one and dones in there. I just think that this is bigger for him to get this. 17th time going against Tom Brady. You look at the wins versus losses, it favors Tom Brady, so I think this is a bigger situation for Peyton Manning."

"It not only hurts Peyton when it comes down to talking about Brady, it hurts Peyton when he sits at the dinner table with his brother," Wayne continued. "He doesn't have as more Super Bowl rings than Eli Manning."

And then Wayne ,who was sitting with a group along with Steve Smith Sr. and Reggie Bush was asked to compare Brady and Peyton.

"[Brady] has the wins; he's a football junkie," Wayne answered. "He has the it factor. He knows what it takes to be successful. He does it week in and week out. It's hard to explain it, but each week he goes out there and makes everyone better."

"Is he the best?" Deion Sanders tossed to the group.

"Yes," Smith said as Wayne nodded along in agreement. "His regular season is superb, but his greatness is built in the playoffs."

It was some pretty great television.

Oh, and did you want to know what Peyton's pre-snap call Omaha means?

"Omaha means [the offense] is going the other way," Wayne explained. "If it's a run to the right, if it's dive right, omaha is going to be dive left."

Keep an eye out for this on Sunday.