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Every Patriots Pro Bowler Sitting Out of the Pro Bowl

The New England Patriots had seven players named to the Pro Bowl and none of them are going. It makes sense. It's a needless opportunity for someone to get injured and apparently every single Patriots player was able to bow out with an injury distinction.

Quarterback Tom Brady - sprained his ankle against the Dolphins in week 17 and it wouldn't be a shock if he were battling rib injuries after the performance of his offensive line.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski - battled knee and back injuries late in the year.

Defensive end Chandler Jones - suffered toe and abdomen injuries that limited his ability late in the year; might also want to avoid the spotlight.

Linebacker Jamie Collins - tweaked his back against the Chiefs in the Divisional Round

Cornerback Malcolm Butler - uhhh? Maybe his pride is bruised after his battle with Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders

Special teamer Matthew Slater - hurt his shin against the Chiefs in the Divisional Round

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski - broken heart?

The Patriots will turn their focus to 2016 and will lick their wounds. While some of these injuries are more serious than others, it's undeniable that the entire roster is banged up. Receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola have to heal, as does linebacker Dont'a Hightower.

There's little need for these New Englanders in the Pro Bowl.