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freeland1787's List of Potential Patriots Prospects from the Senior Bowl

Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller.
Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

There are easily over 100 prospects that are participating in the Senior Bowl, but I have compiled a spreadsheet of 30 potential prospects for the Patriots. The Patriots aren't going to draft all of them, maybe one or two players off this list at most. Since the Senior Bowl doesn't have underclassmen, there isn't a real gauge to figure out their overall draft stock since you're excluding a group of prospects from the draft.

The Patriots top pick isn't until 60th overall thanks to Defarcegate, but that doesn't mean that the Patriots won't find someone there that can fit their needs. I'm not going to guess what Bill Belichick is going to do in the draft because that's an exercise in futility because I'm not Bill Belichick.

Running Back (5)(4): Kenneth Dixon, Deandre Washington Jonathan Williams, Kenyan Drake, Chris Swain, DJ Foster

Wide Receiver (8): Aaron Burbridge, Leonte Carroo, Chris Moore, Jay Lee, Malcolm Mitchell, Sterling Shepard, Braxton Miller, Jordan Payton

Tight Ends (3): Nick Vannett, Jake McGee, Glenn Gronkowski

Tackle (4): John Theus, Le'Raven Clark, Jason Spriggs, Joe Haeg

Interior Defensive Line (2): Jihad Ward, Vernon Butler

Edge Rusher (3): Carl Nassib, Charles Tapper, Jordan Jenkins

Linebacker (2) (3): Josh Perry, Kentrell Brothers, Josh Forrest

Cornerback (2): Harlan Miller, Maurice Canady

Safety (1): Darian Thompson

It's only a list of 30 prospects out of a field of 500+, so the odds are that I may never get a single match between this list and the Patriots eventual draft class. The Patriots currently own 7 selections in the 2016 draft, but could get 4 more via the compensatory system with one of those picks being 97th overall for losing Darrelle Revis to the Jets in the last offseason. Each position will get its own breakdown and reasoning of why I picked those particular players.

Update: I have removed Deandre Washington and DJ Foster in favor of adding Jonathan Williams and Josh Forrest to the list. The reasoning behind it is that the Patriots don't draft RBs that come from primarily spread offenses. Texas Tech and Arizona State run spread offenses.