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What are the Patriots Biggest Needs in the Draft?

The New England Patriots featured more drafted players on their roster than any other team in the final four of the playoffs. While the team won't have a first round pick, thanks to Commissioner Roger Goodell and the DeflateGate nonsense, the Patriots will still be relying on their scouting processes to stay ahead of the curve.

The Patriots have a history of drafting a year or two ahead of need, in order to make the transition from player-to-player as seamless as possible, and they also have a history of double-dipping in positions in order to replenish a fully empty position, or to better the chances of landing an NFL caliber player.

Currently, the Patriots are flush with youth at nearly every position other than running back, wide receiver, and offensive tackle. There is no bellcow back on the roster, all of the wide receivers are creeping into their 30s, and Sebastian Vollmer is likely a year or two away from needing a viable replacement.

Keeping in mind that some positions can be better filled through free agency, what position do you think the Patriots most need to address through the draft?