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Patriots Have the Weekend Off But Still a Tight Schedule This Week

The team has a first-round playoff bye but is still in to work the next few days.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Thanks to their 12-4 record the New England Patriots have earned the number two seed in the AFC playoff race and – most importantly – a first-round playoff bye. The first weekend off since early October is much needed as the team battles numerous injuries and tries to get everyone healthy for its first postseason contest on Saturday, January 16.

Even though the Patriots have the weekend off, it does not mean that they don't have to work in preparation for their next game. According to ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss, New England's players have a tight schedule this week:

Patriots players are in for meetings Tuesday. Current schedule also has practices scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Patriots, after losing four of their last six games have a lot of work to do, although most of that work certainly is of the rehabilitation-kind. Still, the team won't break its current workout rhythm just because of a bye-week. While it is possible that the coaching staff ultimately decides to cancel one of the practice sessions or give certain players more rest, the Patriots continue to do what they do best: their jobs.