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Week 17 Patriots vs Dolphins Social Commentary: Can we get our Sunday back?

The 2015 regular season ended with a whimper, but the playoffs should be a lot more exciting. Here's a breakdown of the reactions from the New England Patriots 20-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins

It's not a bold claim to say that tackle Marcus Cannon was the best offensive lineman for the Patriots last week, and he almost had quarterback Tom Brady cleaved in two. The rookies and sophomores of left tackle Cameron Fleming, left guard Shaq Mason, center Bryan Stork, and right guard Tre Jackson left much to be desired, and third-year veteran Josh Kline forgot his Wheaties and spent  much of the day in Brady's lap.

But man, Cannon, this was the absolute last thing the Patriots needed.

This was from last week against the Jets, but it was still relevant.

Head coach Bill Belichick can waive his wand and tell people that the Patriots ran the ball against the Dolphins nickel defense because that's the smart thing to do on paper, but let's be real. He wanted to shorten the game and try to win the second half. It didn't work.

I'm concerned for Nate Ebner, though. He's was reportedly telling Dolphins players after the game that the Patriots wanted to run the ball until they converted a first down. I feel like that's a major no-no in Belichick's books.

Maybe there's something wrong with Brandon LaFell's foot, but seriously, he's fallen off the deep end this season. Belichick points a finger at the fact that LaFell missed the entire off-season, but there's just a weird competitive edge that LaFell isn't showing. These deep throws are atrocious, though. Either go up for the ball and get the defensive pass interference call, or don't even run these plays.

I think Adam's actually on to something as the Patriots tried to work on their rushing game in the first half. It was a preseason game for Steven Jackson.

Big man calling his shot.

And then the Patriots went ahead and collected two penalties before punting the ball. Even though there were five minutes left in the game, I think we all knew it was over at this point. Just a really uninspiring finish to the game.

So at least he's got that going for him, which is nice.

Yeah, can we get our time back?


We're on to the playoffs.