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Build Your Own Super Easy Playoff Bracket!

So I found this really fun and easy NFL Playoff bracket builder on a site called "Playtronics" and I thought it'd be interesting to share with everyone.

It's a pretty simple system where you just click on the team that you believe will win the game and the algorithm will automatically reseed the teams accordingly. I built out the below bracket with just a few button presses and it looks pretty slick.

You're able to share a link to your bracket upon completion, so once you complete the table, feel free to post your results in the comments section!

Or if you don't want to, I can't make you.

But it's super easy and I'd love to see your predictions.

Personally, I think the NFC will pretty easily come down to the Seahawks and Cardinals because Minnesota and Washington are fairly single faceted, the Packers aren't very good, and I think the Seahawks roll the Panthers in a rematch.

The AFC is far more up in the air as I wouldn't be surprised to see any of the Wild Card teams in the next round. I could also see every single Wild Card team defeating or losing handily to the Broncos.

What're your predictions?