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BREAKING: Broncos to Start QB Peyton Manning for the Playoffs; Patriots Should Rejoice!

In some of the greatest news of the day, the Denver Broncos are opting to start veteran quarterback Peyton Manning over the inexperienced Brock Osweiler for the playoffs.

Even though Osweiler posted a better completion rate, more touchdowns, and roughly a third of the interceptions over fewer starts than Manning, it looks like the Broncos would like to start the league-runner-up in interceptions and actual worst-quarterback in the league.

Unfortunately for fans of humor, Peyton just missed out on the NFL Interception Crown as Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles threw two in the season finale to steal the crown. Manning still has the highest interception rate of any quarterback with 150+ attempts on the season.

Manning struggled to beat the Chiefs all season, while Osweiler didn't have much success against the Steelers or Bengals. It looks like the Broncos are expecting a Pittsburgh visit and will throw a Manning change-up.

As for Patriots fans, the outlook in the conference might have actually improved.