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DeflateGate: Vikings, Seahawks Prepared to Violate Integrity of the Game in Sunday's Playoff Tilt

The Minnesota Vikings are hosting the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, January 10th. Kick off is at 1:05 PM EST. Due to construction of the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings play their home games at the University of Minnesota, in the outdoor TCF Bank Stadium.

Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 0 degrees, which isn't a typo. Zero degrees. And you know what that means.

Those dirty, rascally Vikings and Seahawks are about to become wrapped up in a football inflation scandal that will dominate the airwaves for the rest of the 2016 year. In fact, while the Vikings technically weren't found guilty of heating footballs on the sidelines back in 2014 (their opponent, the Panthers, were caught and warned), this would be the second football-related scandal in as many seasons.

Footballs inflated to the minimum 12.5 PSI will drop to under 9.0 PSI. Footballs inflated to the maximum 13.5 PSI will drop below the minimum to under 10.0 PSI. There's no possible way that footballs inflated to the required range will remain within the range during game day.

I'm sure Troy Vincent and Mike Kensil will be on the case to catch these two teams in the act. That is, of course, if they're able to get time away from ignoring the Peyton Manning/Julius Peppers/Clay Matthews/HGH story.