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The Denver Broncos and Wade Phillips Bench Brock Osweiler, Invoke the Flutie Curse

Some took offense to the notion that quarterback Brock Osweiler is a better option in the playoffs for the Denver Broncos than Peyton Manning. It is indisputable that Osweiler has outplayed Manning this season, and the Broncos offense is far more efficient with Osweiler at the helm in head coach Gary Kubiak's offense.

The only area where Manning excels beyond Osweiler is from a mental standpoint with presnap audibles and with short-range timing- and those two are rarely enough to win in the playoffs.

The passing game is better with Osweiler (+14.9 points above average per the Expected Points model) than with Manning (-5.6), and the running game is better with the 25-year-old youngster (-7.9) than with the 39-year-old veteran (-18.0). But the fact that the offense is better with the Brock Lobster isn't the biggest cause for concern.

Broncos fans should be terrified of the Curse of Doug Flutie.

For those unfamiliar, Cold Hard Football Facts maven Kerry Byrne discovered one of the more fascinating curses in NFL history that originated with the 1999 Buffalo Bills.

Essentially, the Bills rode the notably short 5'10 Doug Flutie through the 1999 regular season and into the playoffs, but head coach Wade Phillips benched Flutie in favor of back-up Rob Johnson. The Bills season ended exactly 16 years ago on January 8th, 2000 at the hands of the Music City Miracle. Buffalo has not made it back to the playoffs.

Phillips' career has been a nonstop timeline of heartache after heartache, including missed field goals in overtime playoff games, Marlon McCree fumbles, the existence of Michael Vick, a playoff loss to Eli Manning in 2007, and annual collapses in Houston.

And now the Denver Broncos are benching the notably tall 6'7 Brock Osweiler after reaching the playoffs.

Wade Phillips is the Broncos defensive coordinator.

The Curse of Flutie, First Son of Boston, lives on. We'll bear witness in the divisional round.