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Patriots OC Josh McDaniels Playing Hard to Get, Won't Interview for Head Coach This Week

I'm absolutely familiar with the tactics of Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport claims that McDaniels won't be interviewing for a head coaching role this week because the top coaching prospect is "focused on the game."

I've heard that before.

I want to work on myself before I commit to this relationship, McDaniels is saying. It's not you, Cleveland, it's me, he says. I just got out of a bad relationship and I don't want to rush back into another one.


But it makes sense. McDaniels knows that he only has one more shot at being a head coach and the situation has to be perfect. There is no rush. Why join the dysfunctional Browns, or sever ties with the Patriots by joining the Dolphins? Why bother with the gutted Eagles, or the hopeless 49ers? The Titans might have a good situation, but their ownership and front office situation is not ideal.

There are only one real job that he's interested in: the Giants. New York knows how to treat their head coaches. They know that you have to wait until the third date year before you can judge the results. If you love something, let it go.

If they love you, they'll come back and hire Josh McDaniels to run the franchise.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti made a fantastic point when Baltimore's assistant general manager Eric DeCosta turned down the opportunity to be the guy in Tennessee.

"Because Eric wasn't interested in the last five, six years, and he probably could've had 10 different jobs," Bisciotti said via the Baltimore Sun. "But I will say that seven of those 10 [general managers] have been relieved of their duties already."

McDaniels is making the smart move to wait until a quality franchise is looking for a new head coach. There's no rush. And if he sticks around as the Patriots offensive coordinator more another season, so be it.