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ESPN asks Patriots fan to use video of QB Tom Brady throwing at a high school, gets rejected and laughed off the internet

ESPN didn’t get the answer they were hoping for.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is less than 48 hours away from kicking down the Gillette Stadium door and re-assuming his role as Top Dog in the locker room. Until then, he’s apparently filming an Under Armor commercial at Milton Academy, according to this Twitter video:

Brady has been throwing with college players in secret, so working out at a high school for a commercial shouldn’t be a surprise.

You know what else shouldn’t be a surprise? This response to ESPN asking a Patriots fan if they can use this video on television:

Oh, whoops. ESPN has been updating a whole section dedicated to Tom Brady over the past month and they were one of the driving forces behind making DeflateGate a national story.

ESPN incorrectly reported that 11 of the 12 footballs were 2 PSI below the limits and when they were called out for being wrong, they updated the story to “significantly” underinflated, which is still wrong. Multiple ESPN employees acted as mouthpieces for the NFL, “reporting” leaks from the league offices, even if they were wrong or misleading.

Of course a Patriots fan won’t go out of their way to provide video to ESPN. That’s the least surprising reaction I’ve ever seen.

Lacey’s response yielded some pretty great responses from other Patriots fans.