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New Patriots T-Shirt: Black Unicorn and the Incredible Gronk

There’s no better way to celebrate the Patriots dynamic tight end duo of Martellus Bennett and Rob Gronkowski!

The New England Patriots tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett isn’t just the best in the NFL right now- they might be the best of all time.

Gronkowski is a future Hall of Famer that is universally regarded as the best at the position. He is known for his Gronk Spike after touchdowns and for throwing defenders out of the club. He has finally woken from his offseason slumber and is ready to take his place atop the league.

Luckily for Gronk, his teammate Bennett held the mantle of “best tight end in the NFL” over the first four games of the season. Bennett ranks 3rd in receiving yards and 1st in touchdowns by a tight end. He has also been an absolutely dominant blocker.

So now the Patriots have the #1 and the #2 tight end in the entire league. What better way to celebrate their success than with this amazing t-shirt?

Bennett calls himself The Black Unicorn because of his unique and near-mythical ability to run in the open field at his monstrous size. Gronkowski, well, GRONK SMASH.

You can get it in the above gray...

...or you can get it in this crisp white color. They both look good to me, although this alternate color also looks amazing:

How about this red coloring? It looks fantastic.

The shirt is also offered in ladies v-neck, if you look at the “garment” drop down menu. Sizes offered from small to 3XL and the shirts wear at their actual size.

Buy the shirt today!