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WATCH: Bill Belichick barely contains his excitement in locker room after the game

Here’s behind the scenes footage of the Patriots locker room after the week 5 victory over the Browns.

Can videos breathe? If so, this Patriots locker room video is one giant exhale after beating the Browns.

“Way to go DA,” QB Tom Brady said to WR Danny Amendola. “Great game, baby, great game.”

“Way to go Hogs,” Brady said to WR Chris Hogan. “Great playing, babe.”

“Good game, babe,” Brady said with no visible hate towards QB Jimmy Garoppolo. “Good game.”

“Way to go 6-0,” Brady said to C David Andrews. “Nice job, baby.”

And that’s how the video starts, with Brady’s voice welcoming players back to the locker room. The folks at the Patriots knew what we wanted to see and they delivered in full.

It’s also clear that head coach Bill Belichick was in a great mood after the game.

“Nice job buddy,” Belichick said to rookie DT Woodrow Hamilton. “You got on the board?”

“Yes sir,” Hamilton replied.

“You made a couple plays!” Belichick answered. “You got on the board!”

I was watching the video with the fiancee in the room and she was surprised by Belichick’s inflection. “Is that Belichick? she asked during Belichick’s post-game huddle. “You can hear the excitement in his voice.”

Watch the video to here for yourself. Here’s the transcript.

“All right men, that’s a good job of getting back on track,” Belichick said. “Had a good week, had a good week, that showed up there today. Good complimentary football, defense that was a lot better against the run. Way to start fast, put some points on the board, played great field position in the kicking game.

“Now that’s the kind of Patriots football we need to play. Right there. We need another good week this week, all right, get ready to go for Cincinnati. We’re in this division for three weeks in a row so we’ll get a good test.

“But let’s enjoy this one, and then let’s get back to work and have the same kind of good week next week with Cincinnati, all right, that we had this week, all the way across the board, that’s what we need. Congrats men, good win.”

The Patriots clearly focused on stopping the run and putting early points on the board and the team succeeded at both. Belichick isn’t holding back because the Browns aren’t the most talented team in the league; the team did everything well and deserves praise.

Most notable from the video was that we didn’t get the full breakdown from Matthew Slater. Usually we hear Slater shout, how do we feeeeeeeeeeeel about another victoryyyyyyy, but we don’t get that. It cuts out.

How much do you want to bet that Slater says something along the lines of “welcome back Thomas” or something else about Brady that the team didn’t want to make public? That totally happened right?

Watch the video to here.