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WATCH: Matt Chatham shows how Tom Brady dissected the Browns on the opening drive

The Patriots simplified their opening drive for their star quarterback.

If you aren’t following former Patriots LB Matt Chatham on twitter or at his website, you’re really missing out. He does a weekly video breakdown of the Patriots that’s must-watch analysis.

This week, Chatham dissected the Patriots opening drive to see how offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels called plays to ease QB Tom Brady back on the field.

According to Chatham, the play designs were all about setting up easy pre-snap reads for Brady so he could deliver an easy throw.

On the first play, Brady saw WR Julian Edelman against off-coverage with no other defenders in position to support, making a quick pass the easy decision.

On the second play, RB LeGarrette Blount sold the run play to freeze the Browns linebackers and open up an easy window for Brady to hit TE Rob Gronkowski.

On the third play, a defensive back showed blitz on the left side of the offensive line, so Brady motioned TE Martellus Bennett over to the right side of the line and the Patriots ran the ball 13 yards after winning the numbers game.

The Patriots offense functioned as a simple If-Then statement on the opening drive, which made it easy to move down the field. If off-coverage, then quick out to Edelman. If linebacker bites on the run, then throw to Gronk across the middle. If defense overloads the left side of the line, then run to the right side.

Chatham does a real nice job of putting the Patriots offense in simple terms. Watch the video above!