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Patriots are current favorites to win AFC East, AFC, and Super Bowl

Here are the latest odds for the Patriots to win an assortment of titles in 2016, including MVP

The New England Patriots are currently the favorites to win almost every prize in 2016, per Bovada.

The Patriots odds of winning the AFC East have improved from 2/11 to 1/10, while the rest of the division flounders. The Bills have a 5/1 chance of winning the division, but the Jets (66/1) and Dolphins (100/1) are pretty much done as far as Vegas is concerned.

The Patriots are also the favorites to win the AFC and to represent the conference in the Super Bowl. New England’s odds have improved from 2/1 to 7/4. The Steelers have the second-best odds a 3/1, while the Broncos have 11/2 odds and are falling.

The Chiefs and Raiders are tied with 12/1 odds, while the Bengals, Texans, and Colts are tied with 18/1 odds. The Bills (22/1) and Ravens (25/1) are the only two other teams with realistic chances of winning the conference.

The Patriots are also the favorites to win Super Bowl 51, with 7/2 odds. The undefeated Vikings and the Steelers are tied for second with 7/1 odds. The Packers (8/1) and the Seahawks (17/2) should also be considered favorites, while the Broncos (14/1), Falcons (16/1), Cowboys (18/1), and Cardinals (20/1) are distant options.

When it comes to MVP, the Patriots are not the current favorites. Falcons QB Matt Ryan leads the pack with 9/2 odds, while Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is in second with 5/1 odds. Patriots QB Tom Brady, with one game under his belt, is tied with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for third place with 13/2 odds. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is in fifth place with 7/1 odds.

There are no other Patriots represented in the MVP race, but I’m sure everyone on the team would sacrifice their MVP chances if the position atop the Super Bowl rankings were realized.