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Week 6 late games Patriots rooting guide and live updates

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Use this as the open thread for the afternoon and evening games.

4:05 PM EST

Chiefs (-1.5) at Raiders: The Patriots won’t face either team this regular season, but a Raiders victory gives Oakland sole possession of 1st place in the AFC West.

4:25 PM EST

Falcons at Seahawks (-6): The Patriots will face the Seahawks later this season, so the Patriots will watch to see if the Falcons can expose the Seattle defense.

Cowboys at Packers (-4.5): This game doesn’t affect the Patriots. The Packers are super banged up, though, and this could be an upset.

8:30 PM EST

Colts at Texans (-3): The Texans are in 1st in the division, so a Colts victory is in the Patriots best interest for conference seeding.