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The Patriots' Pass Rush Against the Bengals

After a lackluster first 30 minutes the pass rush came alive in the second half.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Having started compiling the pass rush statistics of the Patriots against the Cleveland Browns last week I proceeded to do the same for Sunday's matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. On top of the pass rush statistics seen last week I tracked another two categories with Play Type and Rush Type. Play Type tracks the offensive plays grouped into six categories depending on the quarterback's actions after receiving the snap. Of the six categories screen and quick won't factor into the pass rush statistics since they by definition can't be pressured. Rush Type on the other hand tracks the defensive playcall in regard to how many rushers are sent.


  • The Patriots' pass rush hardly managed to get any pressure on Dalton in the first half until the Bengals' final drive of the first half.
  • As a reaction to the lackluster first half the coaching staff started sending the two LBs on blitzes up the middle with Hightower generating all of his pressures in the second half.
  • Inside pressure continues to be a problem for the Patriots. Without sending the LBs the defensive line can't generate quick pressure up the middle following the loss of both Dominique Easley and Akiem Hicks during the offseason. Rookie DT Vincent Valentine has shown some promise as pass rusher, but he has been out with an injury the last couple of games.
  • After getting eased back into duty last week Rob Ninkovich saw a big increase in both snap count and pass rushes and surpassed Chris Long in both departments. However, he struggled getting to the quarterback with his only pressure coming after a blitz flushed Dalton out of the pocket.
  • Andy Dalton played a good game. He was decisive and got the ball out quick and accurate with his only mistake coming after a Logan Ryan blitz caused him to throw an errant ball that should have been picked off by Malcolm Butler.
  • Barkevious Mingo registered his first pressures of the season.

Season Stats: