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WATCH: Patriots mic’d up for Tom Brady’s homecoming win against the Bengals

Check out the behind the scenes footage!

The Patriots have released their weekly Sights and Sounds from the week 6 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. The video seems like a special edition because it marked the homecoming game for QB Tom Brady.

The first minute follows Tom Brady and company going through warm-ups and running through the huddle- and if you missed the Tom Brady tribute video the Patriots played before the game, you need to pause what you’re doing and watch it:

The second minute followed the first half struggles of the Patriots offense, including offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia trying to rally the offensive line.

“It’s a 7-3 ballgame, that’s all it is and...honest to God, there’s nothing to hang your head right now,” Scar said to the line. “We just got to get going here a little bit. We can do that. Alright, we can do that. So let’s go out there and let’s get a first down and then put our foot on the accelerator and let’s take it down there and score.”

The rest of the video shows the Patriots dominant second half performance and the locker room huddle, which we’ve broken down here.