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Bills players embarrass themselves, try to fight Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett

The Bills tried to start a fight before the game.

Well this is dumb. A few Bills players tried to start a fight the Patriots prior to the game, with safety Robert Blanton shoving QB Jacoby Brissett while Brissett was warming up. WR Malcolm Mitchell came to Brissett’s immediate defense and a bunch of Bills players ran over to start some trouble.

Bills safety Aaron Williams is seen hitting Patriots defensive line coach Brendan Daly multiple times as Daly tries to separate the two sides. Another Bills safety Corey Graham is seen running in and punching someone at the 19 second mark.

Another angle here:

The Bills players were upset that Brissett was warming up on their side of the field, but it’s an extremely common sight for a player to run up and down the sidelines. Shoving a player for doing it is a ridiculous reaction.

So way to go, Blanton, Williams, and Graham. Way to represent the team.

"My guess is Rex probably loves that,” Patriots president Jonathn Kraft said on 98.5. “[That’s] why Rex is Rex and Bill is Bill."

Simply embarrassing.