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2 winners and 55 losers from the Patriots 16-0 loss to the Bills

The Patriots were embarrassed at home for the first time in more than 20 years.

Are there any positives to takeaway from the game? No? Let’s jump into it.

Winner: TE Martellus Bennett

Bennett picked up 109 yards on 5 receptions and put his entire body on the line this week. He was the only player to make anything happen on either side of the ball and we hope his shoulder/arm is okay. He landed on it awkwardly late in the game.

Bennett has two 100+ yard receiving games in his first four games with the Patriots. He had two in the eight years prior to joining New England. He and Rob Gronkowski are going to form an incredible duo this year.

Losers: The 52 other players on the roster

No one else played well. RG Shaq Mason was the only offensive lineman not to be flagged for a penalty. LeGarrette Blount wasn’t a part of the game plan for some reason. Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola combined for 1 catch and 16 yards on 8 targets. Jacoby Brissett missed a handful of relatively easy throws over the course of the game and fumbled a ball in the red zone.

On defense, the defensive line allowed the Bills to run all over and let QB Tyrod Taylor escape the pocket multiple times. The linebackers and the secondary probably didn’t have a redeeming moment the entire game. Can you remember a standout play from the back seven players? Probably not.

Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal. Cyrus Jones and Danny Amendola made big mistakes in the return game.

Losers: Coaches Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels, and Matt Patricia

It starts at the top and Belichick will be the first to admit it. The team wasn’t ready for this game.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels makes the list for leading a unit to zero points. That’s simply unacceptable, even with a third string quarterback. Sure, a red zone fumble and a pulled field goal change everything; if the Patriots even get a field goal on both drives, they would trail 13-6 and it’s a different story. But it was a very uninspired day where the offensive playmakers didn’t get the football.

Patricia and Belichick orchestrated a defensive gameplan in the first half that allowed the Bills to walk up and down the field unhindered. The two made some adjustments in the second half, but the damage was already done and a rookie quarterback had to play from behind.

At least we got this GIF:

Winner: QB Tom Brady

Well. His job isn’t in any risk.

Brady gets a nice game against the Cleveland Browns next week where he can adjust to playing with Bennett and Hogan, and he can re-acclimate to playing alongside Gronkowski and Edelman. The only way for the offense to go is up and they’re about to inject the best player in football into the line-up.