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Week 7 early games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

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Here are who the Patriots will be rooting for during the early games!

9:30 AM EST

Giants at Rams: This London game should be...interesting. The Rams are on the Patriots future schedule so New England will want the Giants to expose the Los Angeles defense, but for the Rams to find a way to win for strength of schedule reasons.

1:00 PM EST

Ravens at Jets: The Jets season is over, so the Patriots should probably root for a New York victory to ensure the Ravens do not make the post-season.

Bills at Dolphins: The Patriots want Miami to upset the Bills to create some breathing room in the AFC East.

Raiders at Jaguars: The Raiders are currently winning in the AFC West and the Patriots want to keep it that way. New England would much rather a road game in Oakland than one in Denver if push comes to shove.

Browns at Bengals: The Patriots have defeated both teams and would probably want the Bengals to win so they make the playoffs over the Bills (and they’d rather see the Bengals than the Ravens in the playoffs).

Colts at Titans: “Go Titans,” everyone ever associated with the Patriots.

Saints at Chiefs: The Chiefs have a real chance of bumping the Broncos out of the playoffs, so the Patriots will root for the Chiefs to rank ahead of Denver in the AFC West.

Vikings at Eagles: This game does not affect the Patriots.

Washington at Lions: This game does not affect the Patriots.