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Ex-Patriots linebacker shows how RB Blount dominated Steelers

Matt Chatham has a great video of how the Patriots running game was so successful.

Former Patriots LB Matt Chatham broke down RB LeGarrette Blount and how the New England’s rushing attack had success against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Watch it below.

Chatham highlights how the Patriots offensive line was able to get “hat on hat” with the Steelers defenders and were able to seal off entire rushing lanes so Blount was able to get to the second level untouched.

The Patriots were also able to bait the Steelers linebackers due to their offensive symmetry with TE Rob Gronkowski and TE Martellus Bennett. Defenses can’t go through their defensive keys if the Patriots don’t tip their blocking strength- and the Patriots can manipulate defensive reads with motions to gain an advantage.

The New England rushing attack did an excellent of blocking for Blount.

“I think it all starts up front,” Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said about the running game on Tuesday. “I mean it’s hard for any back to make yardage when there’s no hole and there’s no place to run. My experience has been if you can get a good back started then they’ll make yards for you, and if you can’t get them started then it’s hard for any back to make yards. We’ve just got to do a good job of getting those guys, whoever they are, getting those guys started and giving them an opportunity to run over tackles or break tackles or get into some space to avoid guys.”

If the Patriots can have a second-straight great run blocking performance, then they’ll be able to beat the Bills and go into the bye week 7-1.