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Tom Brady, Patriots distancing from the field in Vegas odds for MVP and Super Bowl

The Patriots are the class of the NFL this year.

Another week down and another week where the New England Patriots are putting distance between their own Super Bowl odds and the rest of the field.

The Patriots currently have 11/4 odds of winning the Super Bowl, per Bovada, up from 3/1 last week. The Seahawks have moved up to second, but their 15/2 odds haven’t changed over the past week. The Vikings fell to third with their odds dropping from 7/1 to 9/1.

The Packers (11/1), Cowboys (14/1), Steelers (14/1), Cardinals (16/1), Broncos (16/1), Chiefs (16/1), and Falcons (20/1) make up the rest of the field. It’s worth pointing out that the NFC holds four of the top five places, which shows how the Patriots are considered to be in a class of their own in the AFC.

It’s also very possible that week 10 between the Patriots and Seahawks could be a showdown between the two Super Bowl favorites.

Bovada gives the Patriots 6/5 odds to win the AFC, with the Steelers (6/1), Broncos (15/2), Chiefs (15/2) the other contenders. The Raiders (14/1) might have the #2 seed in the AFC, but they’re not given a real chance of winning the conference as they’re tied with the Colts (14/1) for fifth place.

The Texans (22/1), Bills (25/1), and Bengals (25/1) make up the rest of the viable contenders.

Patriots QB Tom Brady is continuing to pick up steam as the leading MVP candidate with 3/2 odds, up from 5/2 last week. Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott (6/1) leads the league with 703 rushing yards for the #1 seed in the NFC. RB David Johnson (10/1) leads the league with 1,004 yards from scrimmage for the 3-3-1 Cardinals (Julio Jones ranks 2nd with 830 yards).

Colts QB Andrew Luck saw his MVP odds spike from 40/1 to 12/1 after a victory over the Titans, showing that he is truly embraced by the “Peyton Manning Memorial MVP Apathy” voting bloc, reserved for the player that receives all the MVP votes when no quarterback or running back is setting records.

Luck is tied with Falcons QB Matt Ryan (12/1), while Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (16/1), Cowboys QB Dak Prescott (18/1), and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson (20/1) make up the field.

There are a couple prop bets for the Patriots this week, too.

The Patriots are just the third team in NFL history to go their first seven games of the season without throwing an interception, so Vegas is asking if Brady will throw a pick in week 8 against the Bills. For Brady’s favor, the odds are 2/3 that he will not throw an interception, versus 11/10 that he will throw one.

Vegas is also wondering if Patriots K Stephen Gostkowski will continue to struggle in the kicking game, pairing him up with Seahawks K Steven Hauschka and asking “Will both Gostkowski and Hauschka miss an extra point this week?” There are 10/1 odds that they will both miss an XP, versus 1/50 odds they both will not miss one.