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Week 8 Patriots vs Bills live updates and early games rooting guide

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The (6-1) New England Patriots are facing the (4-3) Buffalo Bills. ESPN is calling this the highest quality game of 2016 and a Patriots victory would position New England in great shape to win the division.

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1:00 PM EST Rooting guide

Jets (-3) at Browns: This is a match-up between arguably the two worst teams in the AFC. The Patriots probably wouldn’t mind if the Jets moved to 3-5 to help their strength of schedule, but it would also be sweet to see the Browns get their first win of the year.

Chiefs (-3) at Colts: The Patriots would want the Chiefs to win so they stay in lock-step with the Broncos in the AFC West. Also, it’s always nice when the Colts lose.

Lions at Texans (-1.5): The Patriots will be rooting for the Texans to win to stay atop the AFC South. The Lions are a sneaky good team, though, and this could be a fun game to watch.

Raiders (-1) at Buccaneers: The Raiders are currently in first place in the AFC West and the Patriots would like Oakland to remain in that position.

Seahawks (-2) at Saints: The Patriots are facing the Seahawks in week 10 and will be watching to see if the Saints can find any holes in the defense. The Patriots would probably want the Saints to win so the Seahawks take out their frustration on the Bills next week.

Cardinals at Panthers (-3): The Patriots will be rooting for the Cardinals to win for the sake of strength of victory.

Watch the pregame show at 12:00 PM EST!

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Date: Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Location: Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Stadium, Orchard Park, New York

Kickoff: 1:00 PM EST

Betting line: Patriots are the 7-point favorites

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Online Streaming: NFL Game Pass for international viewers, 98.5 The Sports Hub Online Radio Stream.

Radio: 98.5 FM, with Scott Zolak and Bob Socci