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WATCH: Bill Belichick breaks down film from Steelers game, Bills ED Lorenzo Alexander

The Patriots head coach has a lot to say about the Patriots and their opponents.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joined Patriots All Access to provide two great film breakdown segments. First, he broke down the Patriots red zone defense and the offensive success against the Steelers, and then he analyzed Bills ED Lorenzo Alexander and RB LeSean McCoy.


Belichick thought the red zone coverage by the defense was excellent as they prevented the Steelers receivers from getting open. He highlights one play in man coverage and one play in zone coverage to show that the team succeeded with multiple looks.

Belichick also highlights OG Joe Thuney and C David Andrews as open field blockers in the screen game, allowing RB James White to have a clear lane “down the sidewalk” in the middle of the field.

Belichick also looks at big plays by RB LeGarrette Blount and TE Rob Gronkowski, as the head coach has to hide his amusement at the play of the Steelers defensive backs.

Watch the Steelers breakdown here.


Belichick highlights Lorenzo beating 49ers LT Joe Staley, who Belichick considers “one of the better tackles in the league.”

“He’s having a tremendous year for the Bills,” Belichick said of Lorenzo Alexander. “Leads the league in sacks, leads the league in forced fumble.”

Belichick also shows a few special teams plays by Alexander, making open field stops on some of the top returnmen in the league.

Belichick also highlights Bills RB LeSean McCoy, but McCoy is not expected to play this Sunday. If you’re interested in some offensive line blocking schemes, this is the video for you.

Watch the Bills breakdown here.