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Patriots QBs Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett one game away from matching NFL interception record

Can the Patriots match the 1960s Browns?

The New England Patriots are the third team in NFL history to avoid throwing an interception over the first eight games of the NFL season. The 1960 Cleveland Browns have the record after QB Milt Plum didn’t throw an interception until the 10th game of the season against a Washington team that won just 1 game all season.

Coincidentally, the 2008 Washington squad hold the modern interception avoidance record as QB Jason Campbell didn’t throw an interception until the 9th game of the season, against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Patriots have relied on QB Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Jacoby Brissett, and QB Tom Brady at various points this season and all three have avoided throwing an interception. While the team has a bye this upcoming week, Brady will have to avoid throwing an interception against the Seattle Seahawks in week 10 in order to match the league record.

The Seahawks are at the bottom of the league with just 6 forced turnovers this season; Only the Jaguars (5 takeaways) rank below Seattle. Still, the Seahawks have a formidable secondary and Brady will have a tough time matching the Browns’ record.

The 1960 Browns don’t just hold the record for most games without throwing an interception to start a season; the NFL record for most consecutive games without throwing an interception is 9 games, jointly held by the 1960 Browns and the 2015 Chiefs.

The 2007-2008 Washington teams hold the NFL record for consecutive games over multiple seasons with 12 straight games.

The Patriots have thrown 249 passes in 2016 without an interception. The 2008 Washington team has the record for most passes without an interception to start a season with 251. If Brady can avoid throwing an interception on his first three passes against the Seahawks, the Patriots will hold this record.