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Salty Bills defenders think Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is overrated

The Buffalo defense struggled to keep up with the Patriots All Pro tight end.

New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski posted 5 receptions for 109 yards and a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. He threw some nice blocks out there en route to becoming the Patriots franchise leader in touchdowns. He’s a 3-time All Pro and is considered the most talented tight end in the history of football.

Just don’t ask Bills players for their opinion.

“I’m more impressed with [Martellus] Bennett than Gronk,” Bills LB Zach Brown said via the Boston Globe. “When Tom Brady wasn’t here, you didn’t hear [Gronkowski]. But when Tom Brady comes back he knows where to place it, how to place it, and he uses Gronk’s size to his advantage. As far as blocking, no, I do not think he’s one of the best. Bennett is probably a better blocker.”

You can taste the salt through your computer screen and mobile phone.

Patriots QB Tom Brady absolutely helps improve the offense and Brady definitely has some of the best ball placement in the NFL right now. But to try and and say that Bennett is better than Gronkowski because “you didn’t hear [Gronkowski]” when Brady was sidelined?

Get outta here, Zach.

Gronk played a total of 14 snaps over the first three weeks of the season so, yeah, of course you didn’t hear anything. He wasn’t playing. Now it makes sense why Gronkowski was able to tear up the Bills on Sunday; Buffalo apparently hadn’t done any film review.

“He uses his body well, but he’s got Tom Brady,” Bills safety Corey Graham said about Gronk. “I mean, Tom Brady’s Tom Brady.”

Brady is the most successful quarterback in the history of the NFL. He certainly makes life easier for Gronk. But to say that this play is merely Gronkowski using his size...

...or that this is just Gronkowski using his body well... pure fantasy by the Bills. The Patriots are 7-1, first in the NFL, and have the week off. The Bills are 4-4 and have to travel across the country to face an angry Seahawks team that is coming off a loss to the Saints. This might be the last we hear of the Bills in 2016.