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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 051: Patriots fall to the Bills, but Tom Brady is back!

Week 4 was ugly, but week 5 should be a whole different story.

Sunday wasn’t the best performance by the Patriots, but at least we’re past the first quarter of the NFL season and QB Tom Brady is back and ready to lead the team!

The podcast starts by breaking down the results of the rest of the AFC and how they affect the Patriots (3:00), and what happened to the Colts (7:00)?

Focus turns to the Bills game and what went wrong on offense (10:00) and what individual plays had the biggest impact on the final score (17:35). The Patriots defense had a better day than the offense, but there were some obvious problems (22:10).

Should we be concerned about K Stephen Gostkowski (22:20)? How will the return of QB Tom Brady change the Patriots (31:00)?

Alec and Rich cover it all. Available in the iTunes store, on Stitcher, on TuneIn, on BluBrry, and via RSS Feed. Please subscribe and comment on what you want to hear about in future podcasts!