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Week 5 late games live updates and Patriots rooting guide

The Patriots are done for the day, but there’s still football to watch.

4:05 PM EST

Falcons at Broncos (-4.5): Denver will be starting rookie Paxton Lynch at quarterback, while Falcons QB Matt Ryan has been the most productive in the NFL. The Patriots will root for the Falcons to topple Denver.

4:25 PM EST

Bills (-1) at Rams: The Bills are a road favorite after opening up as 3-point underdogs. The Patriots will want the Rams to win to create more space in the AFC East.

Chargers at Raiders (-3.5): Can the 3-1 Raiders keep winning and disrupt the AFC West? I’m sure the Patriots would want the Raiders to win the division over the Broncos.

Bengals (-2) at Cowboys: The Patriots play the Bengals at Gillette Stadium next week. Hopefully the Cowboys can reveal some holes for the Patriots to take advantage of in week 6. Patriots will be rooting for the Cowboys.

8:30 PM EST

Giants at Packers (-7): This game doesn’t affect the Patriots.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.