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Week 5 Patriots vs Browns live updates and early games rooting guide

Who are the Patriots watching this week?

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Use this thread for the discussion of the game between the Patriots and the Browns. Here are the other games happening at the same time.

1:00 PM EST

Titans at Dolphins (-3.5): The Patriots will be rooting for the Titans because a Dolphins loss will send Miami to 1-4 and effectively out of the playoff picture. Just 5% of teams that start 1-4 make it to the playoffs.

Washington at Ravens (-4): The Ravens are surprisingly 3-1 and the Patriots would be happy to see the NFC team knock down the Patriots conference rival. It seems like it doesn't matter how good the Ravens are as a team- they'll still give the Patriots problems.

Bears at Colts (-5): The Colts are 1-3 and a loss would send them in the same place as the Dolphins- out of the AFC playoff picture.

Jets at Steelers (-9): The 1-3 Jets could suffer a loss and be in the same boat as the Dolphins and Colts...but is it too early to think about wanting the 3-1 Steelers to lose so the Patriots can get an edge in the conference standings? Winning the division comes first, but surprise losses by the Steelers would be welcome by the Patriots.

Texans at Vikings (-7): The 4-0 Vikings are looking to continue their hot start against the 3-1 Texans. The Patriots benefit from either outcome since a Texans victory helps the Patriots strength of schedule, while a loss sets the Patriots up in better standing in the conference.

Eagles (-4) at Lions: This game doesn't affect the Patriots.

Watch the pregame show below, live at 12:00 PM EST!

Here are the game details:

Date: Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

Kickoff: 1:00 PM EST

Betting line: Patriots are the 11.5-point favorites

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