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Patriots and Seahawks are top two Super Bowl favorites, Tom Brady leads MVP

Sunday will provide a possible Super Bowl preview

The New England Patriots odds haven’t changed over the bye week, according to Bovada. The Patriots still have 10/11 odds to win the AFC, as the Chiefs (15/2), Raiders (9/1), and Colts (16/1) picked up ground. The Steelers (8/1) and Broncos (9/1) saw their odds of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl decline.

These six teams are the only ones that Vegas gives a real chance in the conference, despite the fact that the Ravens (22/1) and Texans (25/1) currently lead their respective divisions.

Bovada gives the Patriots 2/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, the best mark in the league, while the Seahawks, Sunday’s opponent, are tied for second with the Cowboys with 8/1 odds. The Seahawks have 3/1 odds of winning the NFC, slightly ahead of the 7/2 odds for the Cowboys.

So Sunday Night Football between the Patriots and Seahawks could very well serve as a Super Bowl preview. It should be a great game.

The Falcons, Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, and Steelers are tied for fourth best Super Bowl odds at 16/1, while the Broncos trail at 20/1.

Patriot QB Tom Brady still leads the MVP rankings, but his odds fell from 5/4 to 8/5 over the bye week. Falcons QB Matt Ryan (3/1) and Raiders QB Derek Carr (9/1) crept up after leading big wins over the Buccaneers and Broncos, respectively, while Cowboys QB Ezekiel Elliott dropped from 15/2 to 9/1 after picking up “only” 97 yards and 2 touchdowns against the lowly Browns.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford jumped from 50/1 to 16/1 after leading a last second drive to force overtime against the Vikings, which the Lions ultimately won. Chargers QB Philip Rivers climbed from 50/1 to 20/1 after beating the Titans.

Saints QB Drew Brees, Colts QB Andrew Luck, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson are all tied with Rivers at 20/1.

Vegas is also offering a prop bet for Brady and whether or not he will throw the Patriots first interception of the season against the Seahawks. The over/under is set at 1/2, making this a “will he, won’t he” sort of deal.