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Robert Kraft, Patriots players met with the Boston Police Department on Halloween

The Patriots are meeting with officers in the local community.

According to a CBS report, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, along with RB LeGarrette Blount, FS Devin McCourty, and ST Matthew Slater met with the Boston Police Department on Halloween to discuss “football and community policing with Commissioner Bill Evans, watched a basketball game between teens and BPD officers at St. Peter’s Parish in Dorchester, and even geared up for a ride-along with the department’s Youth Violence Strike Force.”

McCourty and Slater are both team captains and McCourty was spotted with TE Martellus Bennett raising his fist in protest after the national anthem in week 1.

“Around the NFL, a lot of guys are doing different things,” McCourty said back in week 1. “It’s all for the same cause- different social injustices. We’ve talked as players throughout the league trying to make change in our communities one by one using our platform, not just doing it on Sunday’s and game days. We’ve talked about different things we’re going to try to do to help the country and help our communities out.”

“A lot of guys have friends and family members that serve and believe in what people go out there and fight for,” McCourty added, noting that his father and older brother were in the Army, “but you also see guys that believe in using our platform and trying to be leaders and help change in the country. We love this country, but it doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. As national football players, we have a platform. Just like many of us have different charities and do different things in the community, this is a part of it. I’m proud to be a part of the NFL.”

The Patriots wanted “to show their support for the department and to learn more about the challenges officers are facing locally during difficult times nationally.” Opening a line of dialogue with the local police department is an important way to drive discussion and change.

“We appreciate them stopping by during their precious downtime, look forward to seeing them back in action next week and wish them luck in the second half of the regular season,” BPD wrote on their blog. “Go Patriots!”