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WATCH: Bill Belichick highlights the 5 Seahawks the Patriots will need to stop

The Seahawks have a lot of talent and the Patriots will need to play a great game.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joined former QB Scott Zolak to break down the Seattle Seahawks. Belichick highlights the best players on the opposing team and there is a lot of talent on the Seahawks squad. Watch it here.

Belichick opens up by highlighting CB Richard Sherman.

“One of the best things they do is turn the ball over,” Belichick says about the Seahawks defense. “Since he’s [Sherman] come into the league, he’s had more interceptions than any other players. Good instincts, good hands, good ball skills, long, has a good reach, does an excellent job of not just covering his guy, but turning the ball over. He’s an interceptor.”

Zolak notes that it’s hard to go deep against this secondary, which implies that the Patriots might have more success going underneath the defense.

Belichick also highlights FS Earl Thomas and his range. Belichick compared Thomas to Ed Reed earlier this week.

ED Cliff Avril “is having a big year for them,” Belichick notes, saying that he gets up the field and to the quarterback quickly. The coach highlighted a play where the Cardinals asked a tight end to block Avril and says, “that’s not really the answer.”

Belichick focuses on WR Doug Baldwin on offense and credits his hands, run after the catch ability, and tendency to break tackles. The Patriots defense is going to focus on wrapping up players and bringing them to the ground. Zolak compares Baldwin to Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr.

On special teams, Belichick says that Tyler Lockett will return the ball even if it’s kicked to the back of the end zone and that Lockett can do a lot of damage in the open field. “Whether it’s punts or kick offs, or offensively, he’s a very dangerous player,” Belichick says about Lockett.

The Seahawks “are explosive” on offense, defense, and special teams. The Patriots will have their hands full.

Watch the video here.